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Hot in the City: Sin City

Sin City - Lacey Alexander I am a huge fan of Lacey Alexander. She has a knack for writing some of the sexiest, raunchiest erotic stories I have ever come across, and she does it all in a way that is neither over-the-top or uncomfortable to read.This is the second installment in her Hot In The City series (beginning with the equally excellent French Quarter). This time around we have the story of Diana and Marc. They both work for the same company, but on different sides of the country. They begin a phone call and email flirtation that quickly becomes hot and heavy. Soon, Diana is dispatched to help Marc on a work project at his home base in Las Vegas, and when these two characters finally meet face to face, the chemistry is beyond blistering.Alexander not only fills this book with many well done erotic encounters, but actually gives us a plot that makes sense, and doesn't seem forced. Something missing in a LOT of erotic fiction these days.Now, having said all that, I realize this book is not for everyone. It features a wide variety of pairings: M/F, M/M/F/M, M/F/M, F/M/F and a hint of M/M. But, if you enjoy intelligent erotica, and don't mind a bit of kink, then you can't go wrong with Lacey Alexander.