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Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Having had a long list of problems with the first book in the series (but still managing to devour the book greedily), I am very happy to say that many of the issues that I had with Fifty Shades of Grey were at least some what rectified in this book. Certain phrases (Don't bite your lip. Oh my... etc) were still present, but not nearly in such a maddeningly repetitive way here. Also, while Ana will never be one of my favorite heroines, her bipolar mood swings were also toned down in book 2.The best aspect of Fifty Shades Darker was that the focus was more on Christian and his past. James delved into some of the reasons why Christian is the way he is. And for someone who made such a mess out of the 'plot' of the first book, she handled CG's problems in a very believable and convincing manner. Her writing definitely improved with this book as well. One of the most compelling and brilliantly done scenes involves Christian falling to his knees in submission to Ana in an attempt to keep her from leaving him. It is a scene that all Grey-sessed fans know quite well, and it is easy to see why it is a favorite among the series.This was by far my favorite book of the trilogy and with the exception of the very last scene (which honestly felt tagged on in order to qualify having a third book), Fifty Shades Darker was about as close to perfect as a dark erotic romance novel can get.