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Incarnate - Jodi Meadows I was beyond anxious to read this book after hearing about the premise. A world where everyone is continually reincarnated, and fully retain memories of their past lives. Living one life as a male, the next as a female...but the underlying soul remains the same. Until one day a NewSoul is born. Someone with a clean slate, that takes the place of a soul that had lived countless lives before.The concept was brilliant, and truly unique. And there are aspects of the story that i really enjoyed; I loved the characters of Ana and Sam. The creepy/awesome idea of each person being responsible for the graves of their past selves (when Ana is taken to Sam's cabin in the woods, it borders a cemetery full of all his former bodies).But, around the half way mark, the story started to slow down. A lot. The romance that began to blossom between Ana and Sam seemed to hit a brick wall, and each and every situation seemed to be dragged out far too long to make for a truly interesting read.I plan on giving the second book in the series a chance, but this definitely didn't live up to my admittedly very high expectations.My YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BookgasmicMy blog: http://ravingbookaddict.blogspot.com/