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Unveiled - Courtney Milan Read more of my reviews at BookGasmic.5+++++ StarsAfter having only read 2 books by Courtney Milan, she has now become one of my Automatic Buy authors.The plot has been dissected by many other reviewers, so I will just concentrate on my thoughts on the characters themselves.This was without question one of the best historical novels I have ever read. Milan has such a beautiful way of bringing a story to life. Each and every character is fully developed and she especially has a knack for creating amazing heroes.*Let the gush-fest begin* Simply put...Ash is my ideal man. He's intelligent, devoted to his family, prone to smartass comebacks, confident but with a sense of vulnerability that he's not afraid to show. And he's willing to go to any and every length to win the heart of the woman he loves. In Margaret, Ash sees the epitome of everything he wants, no matter her supposed 'station' in life.You're important. You matter.That statement is just...perfection. Especially in the context of the story, and how it relates to Margaret's character.And I have to say that Milan handled Ash's 'secret' very well. She took a plot element that could have come off as melodramatic and just made it another aspect to the personality of a truly wonderful character. *end gush-fest*Unveiled has earned a permanent spot on my favorites shelf, and I am so incredibly eager to dive into the next book in the series.