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Devil's Bride (Cynster Novels)

Devil's Bride - Stephanie Laurens 2 StarsI will freely admit it...i skimmed through a large portion of this book. I have nothing against an uber-Alpha male if written in the right way, but there was just something about Devil Cynster that REALLY bugged me right from the beginning. Yes, he was darkly brooding and handsome. Yes, he cared about the heroine, Honoria and refused to 'claim her' until she agreed to be his wife...but his rather brutish attitude bothered me. Also, i didn't really like Honoria all that much either, and the so-called murder mystery element was boring and took up far too much of the story. There were just long stretches of this book that felt like filler to me. Far too many secondary characters that I didn't feel the slight bit interested in. On the good side, Laurens definitely knows how to write a steamy love scene. Although it felt like she spent the first half of the book building up to the big moment, and then she attempted to cram in as many sex scenes as possible until the last act of the book, which completely fell flat in my opinion.I realize this is the first book of a long series that many people have recommended to me, and I definitely plan on giving the second book a shot at some point. But, in the end I can't help but feel very disappointed by Devil's Bride.