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The Devil in Winter (Wallflower Series #3)

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas 5+ Stars.In a short amount of time, I have become such a huge Kleypas fan, and the power of her storytelling abilities is just remarkable.Anyone who read the previous book in the series, It Happened One Autumn will know that turning Lord St Vincent into a hero was no small task. Lisa Kleypas far exceeded my expectation with this book by not only succeeding in turning St Vincent from a desperate, self-absorbed womanizer, into a caring, loving protector of the most reserved Wallflower, Evie. I love how St Vincent's passion for Evie is all consuming. How he wants to not only protect her from harm, but to truly love and seduce every part of her, body and soul. And in Evie, St Vincent has found a truly perfect match. The love that the two of them feel for each other comes across so clearly on the page. It is impossible not to fall in love with this couple, and with the world of the Wallflowers that LK has so lovingly brought to life.