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The Look of Love - Bella Andre The premise of this story is simple.Chloe has been having a pretty bad day. First she is attacked by her ex, and then she crashes her car in a ditch during a rainstorm. But her day takes an unexpected turn for the better when she is rescued by a kind stranger. That good Samaritan is local photographer Chase Sullivan and he and Chloe share a chemistry that from the very beginning is nothing less than scorching. I have never been a huge fan of contemporary romances, but this book completely won me over. I enjoyed every aspect of the story, from the connection between Chase & Chloe, to the introduction to the rest of the Sullivan clan, to the surprisingly intense steam factor, to the fact that the author didn't feel the need to throw in a bunch of needless angst to take away from the sheer romantic nature of the book.Yes, the story was pretty basic, with no bells and whistles. Yes, the issues that Chloe had with trust and allowing herself to get into another relationship after the abusive one she escaped from were tackled and pushed aside rather quickly. But, in the end none of that took away from the enjoyment of reading this story.Bella Andre has single-handedly made me decide to give more ContempRom books a chance. And I look forward to starting that off by diving into the rest of this series.